Middle School Co-Ed Soccer

Team Name: Middle School Co-Ed Soccer
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2013 season recap: The 5th and 6th Grade Soccer Team had a strong season with three wins, four loses, and one tie. The team fell short of making the playoffs this season. While the league allows any number of boys or girls to be on the field, our School used a more balanced approach, often playing with an equal number of girls and boys which sometimes causes poor match-ups. However, effort and tenacity where never lacking from our team. This is also one of our sports that allows fifth-grade students to play, and those who participated received a great deal of playing time and experience which should help us in 2014.

The 7th and 8th Grade Soccer Team struggled this season and probably felt the addition of baseball and softball more than any other team. The boys and girls worked hard but played several teams that fielded primarily 8th graders. The team played hard every game; however, they were only able to win one game this season. Next year they will regroup and raise their level of play.