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The Meadows School Parents Association (TMSPA) would like to welcome you and congratulate you on choosing a wonderful school for your children. The Meadows School Parents Association was established to facilitate communication between School and home and to promote the spirit of The Meadows Family through friendship, loyalty, and enthusiastic support of its programs and activities.

Thank you for volunteering and enhancing your child's education.

Parent Association FAQ:

Who can join The Meadows School Parent Association?
  Any parent/guardian of a currently enrolled Meadows student automatically becomes a member of the Parents Association.

How much does it cost to join?
  It's free.  The Parent Association consists of active parents who are dedicated to helping and supporting The Meadows community.

Questions concerning academic and community service requirements, extracurricular activities, uniform code, etc. for students?
  The School distributes the Student/Parent Handbook and Directory to all Meadows parents/guardians annually. Answers to most questions concerning School policy are documented in the handbook. TMSPA Rules of Governance, committees, and events are also published in the handbook.